7 Surprising Benefits Of Custom-Built Homes

Trying to find the perfect house in today’s market is a recipe for disappointment.

Everyone and their brother is out searching for that combination of location, curb appeal, and lovely interior. What a lot of people overlook are the many benefits of a custom-built home.

We put together a list of seven reasons custom-built homes may be the perfect solution for your home buying woes.

1. Get What You Want, Where You Want It

Probably the biggest benefit of building your own home is getting the home you want wherever you want it to be. If you’re buying an existing home, you often have to make compromises.

The most basic is choosing to be further from where you want to live or giving up the features you desire. A custom built home lets you avoid this.

You get to build exactly the house you want, in exactly the place you want to live in. No compromises, no hard decisions on school districts, and no having to settle for second best.

2. Choose Your Builder

If you’re buying a home, even a newly built home, you’re limited in your choice of builder. It really comes down to who built neighborhoods in the area you’re looking for.

With any luck they were good, honest contractors who did their best to build beautiful homes. There are unfortunately plenty of reasons why they might have cut corners or just been underqualified.

Building your own home lets you solicit bids from as many contractors as you like. You can get to know them, see examples of their work, and inspect their craftsmanship at every stage of the process.

3. Future Proof Your Home

Fixer upper homes are well known to anyone on the modern home market. Usually, they’re in a great area but are either dated, damaged, or just plain worn down.

You can save on the upfront cost of the home. Once you’ve bought it though you’re looking at a long and potentially very costly series of renovations.

Even homes that are only a few years old may have out of style features such as:

  • Countertops
  • Flooring
  • Appliances
  • Landscaping choices
  • Wallpaper

That doesn’t even take into account things like fiber optic cabling or electrical systems. We have a lot of electronics these days. Older homes may only have one or two outlets per room.

Wiring in new ones is very costly. Quick fixes like power bars can put a strain on older wiring. Building your own allows you to place as many outlets and other smart home features as you desire.

By building a custom home you can put in the latest and greatest in infrastructure and appliances.

4. Maximize Energy Savings

Older homes are significantly more expensive to heat and cool than newly built ones. Even worse, it’s not something that can be quickly or inexpensively updated.

The most serious issue is the amount and types of insulation used. Not only did older homes use less insulation in general, but the types used weren’t as effective.

There are a lot more places for air to escape from an existing home. They have thousands of small cracks and crevices that allow airflow. Modern double pane windows also block significantly more heat transfer.

When you add in the appliances, HVAC system, and older lighting you end up with a much higher price.

A custom home lets you build in the latest energy efficiency measures. You can pay substantially lower energy bills over the life of your home.

5. Move-In Ready

If you buy an existing home there’s probably a lot you’ll want to do before moving in. The most common is a kitchen or bathroom renovation or another basic update.

Even if you find a home that is 98% what you’re looking for that 2% takes time. Painting, landscaping, even just basic cleaning tasks are all extra time you have to spend.

By building your own you know the timeline for construction. This lets you make hard plans for when you can start moving in.

This is both a time and expense savings from building your own home.

6. Custom-Built Homes Fit Your Life

Whatever your circumstances you’ve probably got an image of your perfect home. Whether that’s room for 5 kids or a garage with added stable space you can get it with a custom home.

By planning ahead when building your house you create a home that you can live in for the long term. Existing houses will almost certainly require significant renovations and changes to get the same level of perfection.

Even if you want something as simple as a comfortable nook to while away an afternoon reading it’s far more expensive to retrofit than build new.

This is one of the biggest reasons to build a custom home. Instead of adjusting yourself to fit your home you adjust your home to fit your life.

7. Avoid Surprises

Even the best home inspection can miss something serious. You don’t want to buy a home only to discover that there’s a major problem a year or two down the road.

Every home once built slowly begins breaking down. If you’ve lived in your house for decades you expect to put some maintenance in. If you just bought a home, you don’t want to put a new roof on after 6 months.

This doesn’t even touch on the worst cases. Common scenarios involve hidden asbestos, mold in the walls, or dry rot. All of these are easy to overlook when buying a home and very expensive to take care of.

Crazy situations include massive beehives, dozens of rattlesnakes, or other terrifying situations. You don’t want to discover a dangerous and expensive issue with your home after you’ve already moved in.

Build the Home of Your Dreams Today

Custom-built homes give you the home you want exactly where you want it. You avoid the decisions between the so-so house in the perfect location and the gem in the so-so location. Not only is it exactly what you want, but it can also save you money over the long term.

Contact us today for more information on the benefits of a custom built home.

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